fltk::Global Class Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

static void save_status (bool b)
static void highlight_title (bool b)
static void fill_vertical (bool b)
static void preview_delay (float d)
static void app_name (const char *c)

Detailed Description

This class contains global static data and methods.

Member Function Documentation

void Global::app_name const char *  c  )  [inline, static]

c should be a unique identification of application name and must be a valid directory name.
An acceptable format can be application_name.vendor_domain_name
Default value is "fltkdock.sourceforge.net"

void Global::fill_vertical bool  b  )  [inline, static]

The common corner spaces are taken by the vertically docked window instead of horizontally docked window if b is true. Default value is false.

void Global::highlight_title bool  b  )  [inline, static]

Highlight the title of a fltk::ToolWindow when any child of it, has keyboard focus and b is true.
Default value is true.

void Global::preview_delay float  d  )  [inline, static]

Sets the delay d for dock preview.
Default value is 0.3f.

bool Global::save_status bool  b  )  [inline, static]

Enable Perspective saving if b is true and write user settings when void DockHolder::write_status() is called.
Default value is true.

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